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IC360 is a specialist tool for delivering 360 degree feedback, employee surveys and gathering bench mark insight. It enables organisations to cost effectively engage and develop their people.

The team at IC360 has a track record in delivering robust 360 degree feedback services across multiple industries and markets, developing benchmark data that enables our clients to compare their own employees against world class norms.

Our clients benefit from access to a catalogue of feedback questionnaires free of charge, many of which harness academically validated leadership models, such as the full range leadership and situational leadership, or alternatively, we can create bespoke feedback  questionnaires utilising your own competency, behavioural or values based framework. The help centre team at IC360 will even create your bespoke question set at no extra cost to you or your organisation.

Please have a browse over our site, you may find answers to many questions on our help centre page, but please do call the IC360 team to chat over any outstanding questions you may have.

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What is 360 degree feedback?

360 degree feedback is a process where people receive anonymous feedback from their managers, peers, direct reports and others. Others are classed as those that the individual has some interaction with on a day-to-day basis, for example their internal or external customers. The feedback is focused on workplace competencies and the behaviours which the participant exhibits to deliver these competencies. The feedback usually includes both numeric ratings as well as written comments via open text boxes.  You and your organisation have complete control over whether you receive quantitative, qualitative or mixed feedback data on the final feedback reports.

360 degree feedback allows individuals to understand how their behaviours are seen and felt through the eyes of those that they work with, providing insight and motivation on how change and grow as a leader.

What is employee engagment?

IC360 understand employee engagement as the extent to which employees are willing to commit to and engage in the goals and values of your organisation. Committed and passionate employees give discretionary effort within their roles, an intangible difference that sets successful organisations aside from their competition.

Engaged employees and the process of employee engagement is not easy for any organisation to establish, however like anything, you need a starting point. Our engagement survey can provide that starting point. Based on academically validated research, the surveys enable you to identify where your organisation may need to focus its engagement efforts to develop the trust and respect of your people to harness their discretionary effort.

What are the benefits to the individual?

360 degree feedback offers multiple benefits to the individual participant receiving the feedback, these include:

  • Tangible observations on their leadership style, providing insight into their impact on others
  • Raising their self-awareness as leaders
  • Establishing individual development plans and career focus
  • Providing development options for personal planning purposes


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What are the benefits to the Organisation?

There are many benefits that an organisation can look forward to by placing their people through the feedback process, these include:

  • Questions designed to the organisations leadership proposition
  • A foundation for supporting the business strategy and values by developing the leadership culture
  • A tool for communicating feedback consistently throughout the business
  • Embedded leadership capability
  • A measurement of transformational and transactional behaviour and how frequently these are demonstrated
  • Objective challenge against the core behaviours within a business
  • The ability to refocus leadership where necessary in order to maximise on competitive advantage and performance
  • Real benchmarking on the leadership and management capability against competitors and world class norms


  • "Their client focus is second to none; always accessible and solutions focused"
  • "The team at IC360 helped us make the transition from a working group to a team, as authentic and enjoyable as possible"

Our team works hard to guarantee your 360 Degree Feedback project identifies areas where your people can develop. Why not have a chat with one of our team to see how we can help you?

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