About Us

Our approach to working with you, how we support you and our credentials

Our Approach

As a collective we are passionate about driving self-awareness and personal development, both operationally and behaviourally, with everyone we engage with.  With this in mind IC360 was established to allow for affordable 360 degree feedback capability, regardless of the sector or organisation you work in.

360 degree feedback offers an invaluable form of leadership assessment and yet are often priced at a point that is too commercially challenging for organisations to utilise beyond their top tier.  IC360 plugs this gap by providing a bespoke online tool that allows organisations to cost effectively build 360 assessments into their performance management approach across their whole business.

Our ethos is to make the consultancy market sit up and take notice…personal development must be made affordable and accessible for all.

Our Support

We recognise that for many organisations placing their people through 360 degree feedback can be a daunting experience.  First and foremost, the team at IC360 are here to support and guide you though the process.

Regardless of the stage you engage with us, we guarantee you all the support you will need in order to deliver the 360′s successfully.

Lasting change and development stems from the basis of solid relationships.

Our Qualifications

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Development
  • BPS Level A
  • BPS Level 2
  • SDI
  • MBTI
  • JTI
  • NLP
  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • EQ
  • 16FQ
  • MT48

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We have a lovely team of people just waiting to help you with your 360 degree feedback…why not read a little about them before speaking to us?

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