The Process

The process involved in enabling you to receive your 360 degree feedback.

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Chat to us about your 360 degree feedback!

We can chat over the requirements for your 360° degree feedback, together we will cover:

  • Question set
  • Frequency measures
  • Time frames
  • Positioning emails

…plus anything else you may want to have a natter over…the weather…life…shoes…football…we have it all covered!

Set up the online platform

Once we have finalised the above we can set up the platform with all the details for your  360° degree feedback.  This will include:

  • Participant details (names/email addresses)
  • Question set upload

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We go live!

When your 360 degree project goes live, all participants will receive a positioning email and secure access to the online platform.  From here participants will be able to nominate reviewers (we can pre-load if required), complete their own self-assessment and track which reviewers have completed their feedback on them.  They will not be able to see any specific feedback from reviewers, the system maintain complete anonymity for those providing feedback to participants. A positioning email and secure access to the platform is sent to all reviewers, if they have been asked to complete feedback for a number of participants then access to all these will be through their one personal portal on the site.

The system will issue automatic completion reminders and weekly reports to the key stakeholders for the project in line with their requirements.



That’s it, you have ticked off every process, your 360° degree feedback project is now complete.  We think you will agree, it was pretty easy wasn’t it?  The final stages of this section of the process are:

  • 360° project closes on the online platform 
  • The 360 degree reports produced and professionally printed
  • The reports debriefed by a professional coach 

It is worth noting that we can provide extensions to any deadlines if you require, we appreciate that ‘business as usual’ activities have a habit of causing delays.  Also IC360 have a pool of professional coaches that can debrief your project feedback, or alternatively you can debrief the feedback using your own in-house specialists.

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The process of setting up your 360 degree feedback project can seem a little daunting.  Where do you begin, who do you ask for help, what is expected from you and your Organisation and importantly what can you expect IC360 throughout the process?

The good news is that the process from getting your project off the ground through to receiving your reports is really straight forward.  We have mapped out the key stages below for you to have a look over, you may also find answers to any questions you have on our help centre page.