What to Measure?

How to make your 360 degree feedback come alive

Perhaps the most crucial aspect and the question we get asked most frequently in any 360 degree feedback project is what to measure?  Well the good news is…anything!  Our on-line tool allows all our clients to measure their participants performance against a range of criteria based on the requirements of the business and the goals of the individuals.  Below is a range of suggestions that will hopefully answer your ‘what to measure’ queries/concerns; IC360 have question sets available for all the generic areas below and will happily work closely with you and your internal team to develop a bespoke question set that addresses the specific needs of your business, this will of course be done free of charge.

The majority of our measures have benchmark data so you are able to contrast the performance of your teams against similar Organisations or leadership roles. Please have a look at the options below; if you require any further clarification please just let us know.  Once you are happy with the below, have a look over the process page to get a better understanding of the simple steps to get your 360 degree project live.


Management Capability

Your management teams are the lifeblood of your organisation.  Assessing management capability by role, function, operational level and holistically across the organisation allows you to identify any current skills gaps that may exist and respond accordingly to address these.


Performance Management 

Add weight to appraisals by utilising your performance management measures to gain objective assessment on individual performance. Broadening the scope of ‘performance conversations’ fosters a culture of holistic performance & acceptance of feedback.


Leadership Capability

Applying a consistent assessment of leadership capability across all tiers of leadership in your organisation enables you to identify the current and future skills and leadership behaviour gaps that need to be addressed to allow your people and business to grow.


Behaviours & Values

Behaviours and values underpin the culture of any organisation; they represent how you go about your business.  Taking a measure of the consistency by which these are exhibited by your people enables you to understand how your customers will view your organisation.



Talent Measures

Defining and measuring what talent means to your organisation not only enables you to develop robust succession plans, it also allows you build, measure and monitor a creditable talent pool that engages real talent and future proofs your business.



Engagement surveys are only of use when they address your specific business needs. Attempting to ‘shoe-horn’ your requirements into cash/ego driven, off the shelf products, will not provide you with the business benefit the financial outlay justifies.  Bespoke assessment is the only way to gather tailored MI that will drive increased engagement.

No doubt you have a few questions that you want to iron out, why not have a look over at out ‘Help Centre/FAQ page’ to see if we can answer them immediately…

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