Why 360 Degree Feedback?

Well to answer a question with a question…why not?  Generally the reply to that is “due to cost”.  This may well have been the case for a number of years, disappointing when you consider the value that 360 degree feedback can have for all leaders, at any tier of leadership.  However, we would like to categorically through that excuse away…see our price plans if you don’t agree with us.

The on-going drive to develop self-awareness and improve personal performance from an operational and behavioural perspective is evident in all our clients…and something that is fantastic to see.  An example of how our client are harnessing the power of 360 degree feedback can be seen in the multitude of them that are introducing behavioural reviews pre and post development interventions.  This enables very different and powerful conversations to take place, both for those undertaking the 360 feedback, and for those professionals within the learning teams – what is more powerful than being able to tangibly evidence a behavioural change in an individual, team or Organisation as a result of a development intervention?

From our experience….very little!

When people talk of a holistic approach to development, how can this exist if you do not do all you can to take measures to show the behavioural impact of the development intervention?  How do you know that the change has happened?  How do you know if the impact of the intervention is hitting the right objectives?  Naturally you can’t with any certainty, unless you measure it.

For the vast majority of organisations, it is the middle management population who have the greatest impact on the businesses human capital.  This is the population that will make or break your change.  It makes sense therefore to assess and track their behavioural development – it is crucial that they are able to understand that ‘how’ they do their job is equally as important as ‘what’ they do. We believe our IC360 tool allows this to happen, bringing affordable 360 degree feedback to the masses.

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